Ahhh, Sleeping Beauty, a story that truly has everything a girl could ask for in a fairy tale. A royal betrothal, fun and extremely helpful fairies, a princess named after the goddess of the dawn, a curse, and of course, a gorgeous princess dress!

We bet your little one can’t wait to get her hands on this Sleeping Beauty Deluxe Dress Child Costume so that she can dress just like Princess Aurora in her favorite fairytale film! Of course, that means she’ll have to withstand Maleficent’s curse (all that over not being invited to a christening? She needs to get her priorities straight!) and go to sleep for a very long time. Oh no. That will be terrible for you. Imagine your little one, asleep all day awaiting her true love’s kiss, while you get to catch up on the laundry, take a luxurious bubble bath, and even do a little pleasure reading. Actually, you may want to buy two of these costumes, just in case something happens to the first!

Though, if your kiddo has a hard time staying in character, (read: asleep) can you really blame her? She’s probably too amped up to wear her new favorite dress. It’s her favorite color, pink, and falls elegantly off the shoulders, so chances are she will be anything but sleepy when you surprise her with it (sorry ‘bout that). Add a tiara and for full royal fairytale effect and she’ll be beaming like the golden dawn. Now, if we only sold such helpful fairies to help you out around the house.

Sleeping Beauty Deluxe Dress Child Costume


A dress fit for a true princess! This Sleeping Beauty Deluxe Dress Child Costume will look adorable on your little one.