“I would rather be a good man than a great king.”– Thor

So you’re the Princess of Asgard but also a champion figure skater. Sure, most people know you as a former member of the Avengers, but what they don’t know is that you also have the right to a fulfilling personal life. What, a superhero can’t have hobbies?! How narrow-minded! Yeah, you like to do battle against baddies and maybe even save the earth from your wayward brother, blah blah blah…but no one ever wants to talk about is how exhausting and stressful that day-to-day kinda life can be. And even princesses reserve the right to relax every once in a while, okay? And you just happen to enjoy strapping on a pair of skates, gliding out into the ice, and performing a beautifully choreographed routine to “Memory” from “Cats the Musical”. Is that really so wrong?

The answer: Heck no! You’re not just changing minds with your extracurricular activity, but you’re also changing hearts. It’s like football players who also practice ballet…sometimes you gotta step outta that wooden box that everyone else has built for you and do what needs doing to make you a better, more well-rounded person, alright? You do you, boo!

And to help, we’ve made this officially licensed I Am Thor Womens Skater Dress just for you! Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this Skater Dress will move with you as you’re doing your back cross-overs and that gold-metal-worthy triple lutz (yeah, that’s right…we know a little bit about skating ourselves *polishes knuckles against polo shirt*). It’s also got printed armor on the front and a cape on the back, letting you rep the people of Asgard from the ice. The only question now is: Have you thought about going into Pairs Skating? Because we gotta tell you…you and literally any other member of The Avengers doing a Pairs routine to “Somewhere” by Barbara Streisand would really bring the house down…

I Am Thor Womens Skater Dress


This I Am Thor Womens Skater Dress is perfect for any Thor fan!