Sure, Anna might be the hero of Disney’s Frozen, but can she create abominable snow monsters, tiny comic-relief snowmen, and giant ice castles out of thin air? No. But Elsa sure can. Okay, she also freezes Arendelle and ends up locked away in a frozen fortress of solitude for a while, but let’s face it: Elsa is cool… in every possible sense of the word.

The princess in your life is pretty cool, too, and the Tween Frozen Elsa Costume will make that crystal clear to everyone in her kingdom (and at every Halloween party in the realm). As eye-catching as it is elegant, this officially Disney-licensed Elsa dress is sure to transform her into the queen of cool. We can’t promise she won’t accidentally put an entire city into a deep freeze (those powers are famously unpredictable, after all), but we’re confident she’ll have no problem breaking the ice at any masquerade when she transforms into Elsa. Or making the ice, because, you know, that’s kinda what Elsa does.

Whether or not the special evening includes sidekicks made of snow or helpful troll colonies, the adventure will simply spring to life with the Tween Frozen Elsa Costume. Elsa’s getup includes not only this sparkling, luminescent dress, but also a flowing cape adorned with snowflakes, and gleaming sequins lining the shoulders and neck area. And who says all this glamour has to be limited to Halloween? A costume this cool is perfect for year-round appearances, so we can hardly blame you if you simply can’t let it go.

Tween Frozen Elsa Costume


This Tween Frozen Elsa Costume will let your favorite princess in training become just like her idol, Elsa. Outfit them with this costume and get ready for the coronation!