It may seem like stormtroopers always charge into battle wearing their full body armor, but that’s actually not true. While stormtroopers do have many types of armor for every situation, sometimes a mission doesn’t call for it at all. Maybe the action would be over by the time troops had a chance to get their gear on. Or, maybe their squad is volunteering at an Imperial food drive. In cases like that, lighter garb is totally called for.

Whether you are a stormtrooper on light duty, or just showing your love for the Empire, you’ll stay cool and comfortable in this Stormtrooper Tank Top. Admittedly, the cotton blend construction and printed-on armor plates won’t offer as much protection against blaster fire and ewok spears as standard issue armor will. But, that’s what all that expensive training the Empire provided you with is for! And if you’re just searching a backwater desert planet for a couple of missing droids, what could possibly go wrong?

Womens Stormtrooper Tank Top


The latest model of Stormtroopers are a little more sexy. Prove that your ready for any fight (while looking cute) with this Womens Stormtrooper Tank Top.