RingCentral Reviews Worth The Money

RingCentral is probably the best product I utilize in my real estate business and proudly endorse. I have been using RingCentral for years;  first with their mobile version and now with their office version. There are so many features with this telephone system I don’t know where to begin but will give it a try.

800 number –  Having a toll free number where your customers can contact you establishes you as a serious business even if you are a small business it gives you the impression of being a large company.

Toll Free fax number – The toll free fax wasn’t something I even considered using when I first started with Ring Central but is probably one of their best features that I now use all the time. What is great about the toll free fax number is when someone sends a fax to the number it will convert the fax to a pdf file and you can then open the file from your email account anywhere you may be. You don’t have to go to your office to retrieve faxes any longer. I also use it as scanner becomes it essentially provides the same result.

Free unlimited long distance calls –  You can call long distance anywhere in the US and Canada with unlimited long distance calling

Call forwarding – You can control where your calls are going at any time. If you going to be on the road and want to have all calls forward to your cell phone you can easily do this in the control panel.

Dial by name directory – The dial by name directory is another great feature. Setup your employees own extensions and the message panel will provide callers with options to who they want to speak with.

Website click to call buttons –Just a little copy and paste script into your website and you can have RingCentral have websites customers contact you directly from your website.

Email notifications – You may control email notifications, you can have them sent to your email when you have a missed call or voicemail.

Multiple lines tracking different divisions or websites – Do you have different departments or divisions well you can add multiple phone numbers so you can track where someone is calling from different advertising campaigns etc.

Flexibility – RingCentral is a cloud based phone system that can easily be transferred anywhere you want.

Professional greetings – Have that professional office feel with professional voice over greetings (additional cost for professional voices.)

Control after hour calls – You can direct what to do with after hour calls.

Block unwanted calls – Have unsolicited calls that keep calling? You can block unwanted numbers from getting through.

No contract – RingCentral is a monthly subscription where you can cancel at any time.

No matter how small your business ring central makes your business look professional when customers are calling, and we all know how important first impressions are.

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