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The purpose of writing blogs is so you can have people viewing and communicating with you. There are many types of blogs from business blogs to personal blogs, sports blogs, and so on. For what ever type of blog you have you more than likely are going to want to drive more traffic to your blog. It does not make sense to work so hard on your blog and not have the best chance of gaining more traffic because your blog is not seo optimized. I am going to show you some tips on how to seo your wordpress blog.

  1. Change your permalinks. From the dashboard click on settings then click permalinks copy and paste this /%postname%/ into the custom structure box. What this does is very important since instead of the url saying ?p=123 it will put in the title of your post which is keyword rich to what your page is about.

  2. Change single posts and page titles. By default this is set to show the blogs default title plus the post title. This is not optimal since the blogs title is going to be on each and every page, You want just the post title to show up so the keywords do net get diluted. This is one thing I see most blogs are missing and I think it one of the most important.

The easiest way is to go to the all in one seo pack and change the post format to %post_title% and the page title format to %page_title%.

2B.Change widgets heading tag By default your widgets are set to h2 tags I recommenced changing these to h4 tags . Here is how you can change your widget heading tags.

3.Install All in One Seo Pack Plugin
This plugin will allow you to easily generate title tags for your posts, keyword meta tags and meta descriptions.

4. Install Google XML Sitemaps Plugin This plug in will automatically generate a google xml sitemap when you create a new post and update the xml sitemap letting know all the search engines you have new content.
5.Install Robots Mega Plugin This neat plugin allows you to specify each and every post individually whether it should be index or not. You can also prevent indexing of your blogs search results page, login pages, register pages, author and date based archives, tag and categories if you so do choose. I have tags set not to index but my categories page to index. You can also set your outbound links with a nofollow tag and your internal category pages with the nofollow tag.

6. Install Sociable Plugin
Although this plug in of itself will not help in the seo it does allow you and your users the ability to easily submit to social network and bookmarking sites which will help you in turn get deep internal backlinks to your posts.
7. No Follow Case By Case Do you want to have a do follow blog but only want to reward loyal or quality comments,then no follow case by case would be for you, I have yet to try this plugin as my blog is still a do follow blog without restrictions. You are best to have a comment policy in place saying you will do follow loyal visitors and no follow of course spam comments and useless comments. So with this plugin you can have the best of both worlds you can keep from losing link juice on spammy comments and reward frequent visitors who post quality comments.

8. Make sure your title for your posts and pages use the H1 tag by default your post and page titles are set to the h2 tag you should change this to h1. You should also make sure you only have one h1 tag per page.

9. Use images this will be helpful for the google images engine make sure you have an alt tag with a keyword rich description.

10. Install Popular Post Plugin You want your most popular posts on your sidebar since these are the most visited pages, you want these pages to benefit from your internal linking structure. I have my popular post widget set to twenty post but you can do as many as you like.

11. Claim your blog on Technorati this is the top blog aggregators and search engine for blogs and will help your blog posts get index quicker.

If you believe there is any other plugins or methods to help optimized your wordpress blog I would to hear them, these are some of the tools I use. I hope you find them useful. I will be posting in the future the top must have plugins for your blog. Now you have wordpress blog setup the work does not end up here. You will still have to utilize more seo methods to increase your (serp) rankings such as link building, anchor text, internal linking but remember rome wasn’t built in a day and search engine optimization is a long time consuming process but the long term benefits pay dividends down the road.

If this is to much and you would rather pay someone to setup and optimize your wordpress blog you can contact me and I would be more than happy to help you out at an affordable cost.

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