Should I choose GoDaddy unlimited domains?

I know many people know who Hosting Plans is because of the wild and crazy Super Bowl Ads they run during the big game. Some may not who go daddy is although I can’t imagine since the Super Bowl is one the most watched events in the whole world. I currently have Go Daddy webhosting on all my blogs and I actually just transferred two of my blogs from another webhosting company that I was disappointed with.

I encountered problems with my former webhost when I ran into a php memory problem on wordpress and they had no clue how to help me or solve the problem. I was dealing with someone in a different country and I could tell English was not their native language and was not able to communicate what I needed fixed.

Anyways instead of trying to bang my head up against the wall I just switched the two blogs over to godaddy which was very easy to do by the way. Now all my blogs are hosted on godaddy and I am very happy with their service and haven’t encounter any problems with them as of yet.

The reasons I like Go Daddy hosting is you can now host unlimited domains on the deluxe and unlimited plan, it is easy to setup MYSQL databases, it is cheap and reliable and has great customer support when you need it. There may be other more sophisticated webhosting companies out there but for the average blogger and website user I believe Go Daddy is the way to go.

You will even receive the following PPC credits that will pay for themselves for this first year.

  • $25 Adwords Credit
  • $50 Microsoft Adcenter Credit
  • $50 Facebook Credit

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