Should I add Dofollow to my blog?

I did a post back on Halloween 2008 with a list of dofollow blogs and the benefits of dofollow blogs. To my amazement well not really, but I had a list of 22 do follow blogs and I checked last night to verify the list and out of 22 only 5 blogs are still dofollow. Most of the blogs switched to nofollow, some no longer exist and some exist but have not added any new content in months. So I just want to congratulate the blogs on the list that are surviving  and sticking to dofollow. SeoSnack , Middle Zone Musings, Steve Wilson Marketing Feverish Thoughts

Sorry but I wish I updated this list long time ago well at least my keywordluv list is updated check that one out as well.

I just have a bad taste for blogs that switch to nofollow because I think it is sleazy for the most part. I even wrote a post about it a while back. If someone thinks I am wrong for feeling this please tell me why and don’t give me because of the spam bull s***. I had to censor this because of Eren Mckay’s audience.. haha jk Eren well maybe.

I am updating the list and it is going to be loaded with do follow bloggers that are committed to the dofollow movement and will be around for a while. Bloggers I know will remain dofollow and most I have built some type of relationship with.

The reason I love dofollow blogs. Coming soon the The Nofollow Vs Dofollow debate