Super Bowl 43 Matchup Set

Congratulations to the winners of the AFC and NFC conference championship games the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers. I am happy to see the Arizona Cardinals make the Super Bowl and Kurt Warner returning to the big stage. Arizona is making their first Super Bowl appearance and their fans will get to enjoy the Super Bowl experience here in sunny Tampa. I know the feeling as being a Patriots fan we have have had the good fortune in the excitement of having our team represented in the big game.

This game was a tale of two halves The Cardinals dominated in the first and the Eagles dominated in the second. Arizona was able to hang on after the Eagles took a one point lead the Cardinals came back the go ahead touchdown . David Akers the Eagles kicker was atrocious in this game missing a field goal an extra point and a kicking a ball out of bounds on the kickoff.

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The AFC championship was a battle of defenses as anticipated, The Steelers had their opportunities in the first half to build a lead but the Ravens kept it to a six point score.

The Steelers sealed the deal late in the fourth quarter when Troy Polamalu intercepted a Flaco pass and went in for a touchdown sending the Steelers into Super Bowl 43 against the Arizona Cardinals. There was a scary moment with 3:29 to go in the game,the Ravens running back Willis Mcgahee was taken off the field on a stretcher after a vicious hit, kinda makes you realize that it is just a game and we hope Willis Mcgahee is ok. See you in Tampa all you Pittsburgh and Arizona fans hope you have a great time.

Troy Palamalu

Troy Palamalu

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