The Breakthrough to Protecting Your Computer against Spyware

Would you like to download a variety of games, music, videos, and other applications? Are you happy shopping and transacting online?

Habits of the above are nice so you feel comfortable at home in front of the computer. But did you know that fun things can threaten your data and your computer against spyware?

Spyware is different from viruses and adware. The virus attacks only the data in your computer system and not for purposes of your data piracy. Adware is a program that can monitor your habits in browsing the Internet to bring in “a myriad of advertising” to you, but this adware does not perform data theft. While Spyware is a program that can install itself in your computer, then send your personal information to third parties without your permission. Information about the websites that you visit or something more sensitive like your username and password will be sent to third parties and hijack it.

The spread of spyware is site-a site that is not trusted, such as sites that offer free and very easy, sites that are not known, porn sites, search sites with easy money, or online shopping site. Most information is taken without permission, but many also steal personal data, like e-mail address (to send more junk e mail or can be known as ‘spam’). The disadvantage of the existence of spyware is in addition to the many annoying ads that also happen wasteful in bandwidth and of course your privacy hijacked. Basically, Spyware is accompanied with PopUp Windows, which of course in addition to consuming more bandwidth; it also makes loading your Internet increasingly slow. It also can create your own computer crashes. On a more serious level, spyware can take your money in your credit card through the stolen data without your knowledge.

Then how to protect your computer from spyware?

Sophisticated technology may be able to help you lighten your duty to protect your computer. The steps that you can do to protect your computer from spyware such as:
1. only download the programs from websites that you trust. If you are not sure whether to trust the program, you may consider downloading, entering the name of the program into your favorite search engine to see if anyone else has reported that the web address contains spyware.

2. Your computer should have antispyware software, it much such software, including Microsoft security essentials. This software can handle spyware and viruses. It can be spyware cleaner. If you view this software green means your computer healthy, but if it looks red there is the threat to the health of your computer, you simply press a button to take the recommended action and the Microsoft Security Essentials will clean the file which detected, he will scan quickly, so you can save you time in protecting your computer. Some utilities that can be used to hunt down adware, like Ad-Aware from Lavasoft also are chasing spyware, because it is derived from adware spyware.

Antispyware programs can combat spyware in two ways:

– They can provide protection against the installation of spyware programs on your computer. This type of spyware protection works as same way with antivirus protection that antispyware program to scan all incoming data on the network for spyware programs and block threats that come on your computer.

– Antispyware programs can be used to detect and remove spyware programs that are installed into your computer. With this software protection against spyware on your computer can be scheduled to scan daily, weekly or monthly so that it can detect and remove spyware already installed on your computer. Type scan of the antispyware program contains the Windows registry, programs installed and operating system files on your system so that your antispyware program will give a record of any problems found, letting you to select what to delete and what should be maintained.

3. Adjust your Internet Explorer settings for your Internet Explorer is the entry gate to your computer spyware, don’t let spyware can get into your computer with ease. The way is:

– You click on Tools and then click Internet Options

– Select the Security tab.

Internet Explorer includes a number of features to help protect your computer against spyware.

4. There, several online spyware scan service to introduce protection from spyware and. It likes “America Online 9.0 Optimized” that can protect your computer from spyware. EarthLink also offers spyware protection through the latest version of his program.

5. Services the latest version of antivirus such as McAffe, Norton, Karpersky, and Avira also can protect your computer from spyware problems. Antivirus can instantly remove spyware that was detected in the scan, either scan for viruses or spyware scan. Scan for viruses and spyware better done every 24 hours, if you do not have the free time so I suggest you to scan your computer once a week.

6. You must be diligent, industrious frequently update your antivirus and antispyware software. You must update both of them at least once a week for your computer protection systems continue to increase so that the spyware and viruses do not go back to break into your computer system. How to update antivirus and antispyware is quite easy, in some software such as Avira and AVG, the updates will happen automatically. You can just set the command to update automatically in tab ‘Setting’ on any software.

7. Read and understand the license agreements, security warnings, and privacy statements concerned with a program that you download. Do not click “Agree” or “OK” to close the window because spyware can enter through the tabs that appear as bidding against you. Instead, click the red “x” in the corner of the window or press Alt + F4 on your keyboard to close a window. Be careful of the music “free” is a popular and movie file-sharing programs are offered. Make sure you understand all the programs that are packed in those programs.

8. This method can also be done with block all cookies or reject all cookies to get into your computer.

After reading this article I hope you can know and be aware of spyware. You can begin to check your computer if already infected with spyware or start installing protective antispyware on your computer before your computer is infected with spyware.