Three steps to making your ecommerce site more profitable

Working from home is both a rewarding experience and hard work and being consistent, committed and passionate about your business is the only way to ensure you are successful with it.

Since the relatively recent introduction of the internet, ecommerce is a hugely popular way to work from home. Check out the following simple steps on how to make your ecommerce site more profitable:

Apply SEO to your site

SEO works in a similar way to a jigsaw puzzle; if one piece is missing then it simply won’t work to its optimum level. The importance of SEO is undeniable as figures consistently show that website-searchers predominantly click through to the websites that appear in the top 5 listings, making it essential that your website appears on the elusive first page, week in, week out. Good ecommerce templates are necessary for creating your online shop and optimising your shop regularly is the simplest way to encourage better revenue.

Engage in social media

Twittering about your business and updating your Facebook status to promote your company is all the rage and if you have no idea what this means; then it’s time to explore the unlimited realms of social media. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg it, LinkedIn and Bebo are some of the most popular social networking sites and using them to your advantage is essential in the current world of ecommerce.

Post updates about new products or ‘Tweet’ about a sale or promotion and the world is literally at your fingertips! Careful not to spam, social media is more about being social than being a sales person.

Increasing conversions

This is a complex subject and involves the application of many techniques but there are a few hard and fast rules that should be applied to all ecommerce businesses when it comes to improving your site-visitors-to-new-customer conversation rates.

  1. Make sure customers can checkout without registering
  2. Make links look like links by colouring and underlining them to ensure more people will follow them
  1. Use links throughout the main body of text i.e. if you talk about subscribing to your site include a link to the subscription page
  1. Customise your 404 redirect page so that if a customer finds a broken link, they are not given the same message as every other website. Instead they are given a customised message from your website offering ways back to your pages
  1. Show prices as there is nothing more worth clicking out of one website and into another for than if you are unable to find prices with ease!
  1. Make shipping prices easy to find

There are lots of ways to improve your profits but ultimately it’s about learning a lot and working hard.

Author Bio:

Kirsty LaVier is editor for Shopping Cart Reviews, the leading shopping cart information website