Tips For Buying A Solar Power Kit

Guest Post By John Smith

If you are thinking about going to solar power on your home, without spending a lot of money, buying a DIY solar kit is your best option. But it’s not quite as simple as going down to your local hardware store and picking up a box of parts ready to assemble.

Picking the right solar power kit for you requires careful planning. If you have a lot of experience with home repair and installation, you will probably be fine on your own.For you the minimal manufacturer support to answer occasional questions about specific parts is more than enough. But if you are like the rest of us, with no experience installing solar panels, your best bet will be to find a kit supplier that offers a lot of technical support for both planning and for installation.

You’ll need to find a kit supplier that will be available not only by email, but by telephone. You might even want to find one that offers in-person support, if needed. Your supplier should be able to help you figure out the proper size and configuration for your solar energy system, based on your household’s specific energy needs. This planning step is crucial. If you buy a solar power system that is too small you could face long periods of time in the dark. Buying one too large could end up costing far more that you should be spending. In picking the right size you are Goldilocks, searching for the bowl of porrage that is just right. Your home’s location also plays an important part is determining what you need. Trees and nearby tall buildings can block the sun and make it difficult to get enough sun. You should also make note of your local climate. Although new technology makes it easier for solar panels to aborb light even in cloudy areas, you will still need to adjust your solar power system to fit your area’s needs.

Backup storage is also an important part to research. Even if you plan to supplement your solar power system with traditional electricity, you will need some batteries to store power in. And there is a wide range of batteries to choose from, and some need more maintenance than others. An experienced solar power retailer can help you choose the perfect one. The time you spend researching solar power kits will pay off in the long run. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. Do ask around for other people’s recommendations. In the end you can make a complicated project much simpler and more enjoyable.