Ten Hot Tips for Looking Sexy on the Golf Course

If you are heading out on the golf course, do you know what to wear to look sophisticated and appropriate, yet still turn heads with your sexy charm?

When you head out to play a round of golf, it is important that you look and feel your best. The practical reason is that most upscale golf courses will have a certain standard of dress and if you look like a slob you will not be allowed in. However, another reason to put a bit of effort into your appearance is because you will play better when you feel confident and sexy. When you know that you look good, you feel better and that can greatly improve your performance on the game.

When it comes to looking sexy on the golf course, it is a matter of being elegant and timeless rather than provocative. Short skirts and bikini tops on women and sleeveless muscle shirts on men are frowned upon and not allowed on most golf courses. The sexy golfing look is an understated and sophisticated style.

1) Invest in a few high quality pieces of clothing that will get you noticed. You don’t have to spend a fortune on an entire outfit, but one luxurious jumper or well-made hat will really make an outfit look polished and chic.

2) Make sure that your clothes fit well, and flatter your particular body style and shape. Men’s trousers should be well tailored and never too tight or baggy.

3) Both male and female golfers are required to wear a shirt with a collar at most golf courses. The popular choice is a polo shirt, which can look very cute if you choose one which is form fitting and is in a vibrant, flattering color.

4) Women can wear long pants or a skort. A Skort is a skirt with shorts built in, and it looks cute without being too revealing. You will be able to bend over and pick up your golf balls without being inappropriate!

5) Invest in a good pair of golfing shoes. Not only will you look sexier, but your feet deserve quality footwear because you will be doing a lot of walking in the average golf game.

6) Ladies, to make sure that your hair looks pretty throughout all 18 holes, and to keep it out of your face while you are lining up your putt, you can twist it up into an elegant up-do or a feminine braid.

7) When it comes to wearing makeup, you will want to avoid heavy foundation because if it is a warm day you will sweat and it will melt off. Instead, use a light, transclucent powder foundation and a waterproof mascara to bring out your eyes.

8) Accessorize your golf outfit with a bit of jewelry. Large costume jewelry is not appropriate for the golf course, and can get in the way of your swing. The best thing to wear is a small diamond, gold or pearl necklace and a pair of stud earrings.

9) Both men and women should pay attention to whether the colors of their outfit blend well together. Wearing too many clashing colors does not look as polished and put-together.

And last but not least, the final way to look sexy on the golf course is to:

10) Have Fun! When you are laughing and having a good time, you automatically look more attractive, so enjoy yourself.

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