Travel Tips For Flying When You Are Sick

It happens. You are about to go on that trip you’ve been planning for months and now you’re sick. You feel gross, you nose is runny, your throat is burning, and you don’t know what to do. Well good thing there’s a few things that you can do so that trip can be less of a hassle and more of a breeze.

Seating – If you’re seat is in the middle of your row you may want to try and get that changed. Usually a talk with one of the attendants will do the trick. You will want to move towards the back or front of the plane closest to the rest room and in one of the outside seats. This way you won’t have to disturb anyone to get to the restroom for tissues or any other things you need to do.

Take a good cold medicine with you– Nothing is worse than feeling awful while you’re flying. If you forget there are always good medicines in the airport shops just waiting for you if you need them. Also remember to set your clock four to six hours after your initial dose. You don’t want to cross time zones and get confused on your next dosage. If you’re flight is 6+ hours its suggest best to take a cold medicine like Nyquil and getting knocked out. Another tip, take your medication about 20 minutes before departure. This way the medicine kicks in once you’re up in the air and stabilized.

Stay hydrated and eat! – Although this is common sense a lot of us forget to eat and drink. Drink plenty of fluids it will help your body bounce right back up after it’s been thrown off from flying. Eat plenty as well because, since your body is fighting off that nasty cold it’s also fighting for stabilization in the plane. It takes a lot of energy so the more you eat and drink water the easier you’ll make it for your body to continue to fight the battle.

Practice good jetiquette! – Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean others should suffer too. Remember your manners and sneeze/cough into the crook of your elbow. Also be sure to buy some anti-bacterial hand sanitizer so that you don’t spread your “joy” to others. Also be sure to bring a box of your own tissues so that you don’t use up all the tissues in the bathroom and that you some at hand in case there’s any turbulence and you need to stay in your seat.

The main rule is if you are extremely sick try and talk to the airlines to see if you can have your flight moved to another date. If not remember to be courteous and have lots of rest before the flight and after! These few but simple tips should be extremely helpful. Think of it as a to-do list and you’ll be golden for the ride.

JT writes about healthy travel for the travel insurance blog.