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I really have an addictive personality and I do spend way to much time on the computer and it seems like every day I come across another social network to be addicted to. I just started to get hot and heavy into twitter which is another social network platform that I dismissed as silly months ago when I first looked into it. I seem to really get into something when there is a real buzz surrounding a product or website and now seems the time that the twitter buzz has exploded.

Some great sites I have come across so far that will help you with twitter tools and plugins you can utilize can be found here at twitter chat a blog by Peggy Butler. Although I am fairly new to the world of twitter here are a few plugins I have installed TwitMe this will turn your blog posts into urls and post them on your twitter. Another plugin which you can see here on this blog is Twitter Friends which shows a picture of your recent follower’s comments and is a good way to attract followers. I even added twitter to my facebook who has a twitter application

I am still learning my way around twitter but if I find any new cool tools I will let ya know or if you know of any please let me know here. So tell me what your favorite twitter tool is? Oh yes don’t forget to follow me here Danny in Tampa

Some new things I learned being a newbie with twitter, RT stands for retweet which means to repost someone elses tweet that you find interesting, you would write RT @ username then copy their tweet.

Here are some tricks on how to get more twitter followers

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