Twitter Lists – Twitter followers lists

Twitter has come out with a new feature called Twitter lists. What it essentially does, is allow you to group people together that are on Twitter about whatever topic you feel like creating.
You can name it and it then creates a new url in the name of the list. For example I created a list called Super Tweeps and this the url for it:

Here are some of the features you can do with Twitter lists:

  • Follow other peoples’ lists
  • Put peeps in certain lists so you can easily follow their streams without seeing every one of your Twitter stream
  • Find out how popular someone is according to how many lists they are in
  • Easily find more twitter followers based on the keywords of peoples’ lists
  • Gauge your popularity from the number of lists you are on
  • Easily share and tweet your lists

I can see some people like using Twitter lists and others hate using it. The great thing is if you don’t want to create any lists you can continue using Twitter just like you always have and just ignore making any lists altogether.

Some “Twitter Drama” may occur if you make a list called top 10 tweeps or favorite tweeps and fail to put someone in that list that thinks they belong. So be aware of the fact of who you do and don’t put in your lists and what they are named.

Twitter lists are a great new resource and an example of how people are using twitter to communicate in everyday life.
What about you – do you plan on making Twitter lists? Please share on the comment section below.

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