UFC 100 Lesnar Vs Mir Rematch

The UFC 100 will take place but where else Las Vegas Nevada and is a star studded event with several quality matchups.

Frank Mir will take on Brock Lesnar in a rematch in which Mir was victorious in the first match but took some heavy shots by Lesnar but Mir was able to keep his composure and put a leg lock on Lesnar for a submission win.

I predict this one not to go very long and believe Lesnar will not make the same mistake as he did in the first match and will dominate Mir on his feet. I believe Lesnar has gained so much more confidence and MMA experience in just his few bouts after his loss to Mir and defeating the legendary Randy Courture. He is a mountain of a man and if he can defend the Jujuitsa of Mir and not get submitted he will come out the winner.

St Pierre Vs Alves

One of the best fighters pound for pound in the world George St Pierre defends his middleweight title against Thiago Alves. This would be the main event on any other card but not for this one.

Check back in Saturday night for the results and see if your favorite fighter won. I will be watching this pay per view event at the local bar , I better get their early and get a seat as this is one of the most anticipated fight cards of the UFC.

UFC 100 Poll

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