UFC 115 Liddel Vs Franklin Poll

Wow it has been a while since I wrote about MMA so I figured I would again and provide you with my take to the bank predictions.

Rich “Ace” Franklin steps in the place of Tito Ortiz who is forced to remove himself from the fight after sustaining a neck injury. Franklin will take on the popular Chuck “Iceman” Liddell.  Liddell is not the same fighter as in his hay day but still has powerful knockout ability.The Iceman has lost four of his last five fights and again will face a formidable opponent in Franklin. After his brutal knockout by Rashad Evans I thought Liddell would consider retiring but apparently he has a lot more fight left in him.

Franklin is also a veteran of the octagon like Liddell, he doesn’t have that one punch knockout power like Liddel but uses his combination’s and quick kicks to keep his opponents off balance.

Much is being said of the physique of Iceman who is sporting some rock hard abs in place of his usual pot belly, but it takes more than rock hard abs to win in MMA.

I see this fight going the distance with a decision to Franklin. I just don’t see Liddel being able to land that one solid punch and knockout Franklin. I believe Franklin will will amass enough points technically to squeak out a win, but who the hell knows I have been wrong before. If I really knew who was going to win the fight I would bet all my money in Vegas. So tell me what you think about this fight. Who do you think is going to win and how?

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