Verizon tactics in adding services to your bill

Today I spent half my day on the phone with Verizon. I have all my communication services with Verizon which include four cell phones for my real estate business, my home phone, television , home internet, and wireless internet also with Verizon. Here are a few things that make by blood boil when dealing with these big companies.

I am calling a communications company and it takes me thirty minutes to get through all the computer prompts just to get to the right department.

  • I was going through my bill and noticed a few charges that I never authorized, One was for HBO which they were running a promotion last month and was giving it for free, now I never spoke to anyone about adding HBO but apparently they leave it on your bill unless you call and cancel it. I can understand that and many offers have that caveat but I never authorized even receiving the free HBO.
  • Another charge on was for inside wire maintenance which I wasn’t even sure what it was, so I know I never authorized this on my bill.
  • I am sure I can go on and on but here is one last thing that drives me crazy, How these wireless companies auto renew your contract when you change your service, is this not the craziest thing you have heard of. They have buy the cohonies and lock you in to a never ending cycle

Now you can’t tell me these  tactics aren’t done to milk the average little guy (me) out of their hard earned dollars, multiply one little guy times thousands of little guys and you have one big giant guy that being the big corporations who will always beat the little guy. Ok there goes my rant for the day, back to work.