Vote none of the above ?

Ok as millions of Americans go to vote on Tuesday here is the matchup. We have Barrack “Change” Obama Vs John “The Maverick” ßself proclaimed McCain. Wow we are totally screwed. Makes me think back to the movie Brewsters Millions when Richard Prior’s character played a politician to urge the voters to vote for none of the above. This is how I feel, I really don’t feel comfortable with either candidate and this at a time when our country needs real leaders we have a candidate that proclaims he is about change although I think much of what he talks about and the things he is going to change will never be able to come to fruition. Our other candidate is trying to disassociate himself from George Bush but most of what he stands for our George Bush policies.

I still have not made up my mind yet in whom I am voting for but am leaning to Obama even though I typically vote republican. I still can’t get over the fact we are still in Iraq and most of tax dollars going to Iraq while the Iraq government has a surplus not to mention all the senseless death of American soldiers. Though I believe as Richard Prior states in this video most our politicians are full of shit, the only politician I trust is Ron Paul but unfortunately our government hasn’t pissed off the American public enough (getting close) for the majority of Americans to give Ron Paul a real shot.