Was Google Buzzed?

Guest Post By Kim Randall

So Google finally decided to join the world of Social Networking and Micro-blogging last week by launching the newest addition to the Google Family.

Google Buzz is (in my opinion) interesting, noisy and almost pointless for the everyday individual trying to find and read good content from trusted sources. I find it to be a hassle to scroll through hundreds of comments on a Mashable “Buzz” post and to be honest I have actually stopped trying. I can easily head over to Mashable’s Facebook Fan Page, see what they are talking about and CHOOSE to read and scroll through their hundreds of comments or quickly and efficiently move on to the next person that posted an update. Now there is the option for muting a particular “Buzz” post, but I do have a job and I do not have time to spend muting everyone’s “Buzzes” as they come in.

So here is my Pro’s and Con’s list on Google Buzz


  • There’s already Yahoo Buzz – Not quite the exact same concept, but seriously Google, you couldn’t choose a name that wasn’t being used? (and yes, Yahoo Buzz is also a platform for sharing content)

  • You can’t moderate what other people post on YOUR Buzz – If you want to leave a nasty comment on a post I made it doesn’t appear that I can remove it. My choices are to either keep it there or delete the entire post I made. FAIL!

  • Buzz only adds to my email clutter and I honestly get enough junk without the help of Google 🙂
  • There is no way to group individuals for a better “Buzz” experience.
  • The layout is too noisy and could become overwhelming for many, especially those that do not frequent on Social Platforms.

  • My clients hire me to handle their Social Media so I don’t see many of them actually taking part, understanding or honestly even caring how Google Buzz could possibly enhance their Brand visibility or Social Media Campaign.
  • Interface is boring and there is the Google Wave feel to it. I still have 17 invites for anyone that needs one (email me at Kim[at]kimrandall[dot]biz if you would like one)
  • Did I mention that this concept has already been done?


  • It’s a great place for the Chris Brogan’s, Gary Vaynerchuk’s and Mashable’s of the web to post their content. (Con – This may mean that your Buzz posts are getting lost within the comments and the noise)
  • You do not have to log into a new site to access Buzz
  • Buzz can pull your FlickR, Blogspot, Picasa, YouTube, Google Reader and Twitter feeds. (Not that this feature matters TOO much)

In conclusion, my only thoughts are the following…Did Google really have to try and reinvent the wheel?

I would love to hear your thoughts on Google Buzz too so please leave a comment and let us know if you are for or against or just don’t really care at all about Google Buzz.

This post was written by Kim Randall, Social Media Strategist.

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