Weight Loss Battles

Growing up as a kid I was always thin mostly I believe because I was always active in sports. After High School and I turned nineteen I stopped playing sports and like most young adults would drink like a fish. So I began to start putting weight on very quickly, which at the time was odd for me because prior to that I would try to gain weight and I couldn’t do it.

So I weighed around 185-190 in my school years and am 6’1, then I quickly shot up to about 235 after high school and have gradually gain more and more weight over the years. I have never been close to getting down where my weight should be and have yo yo with my weight like most people who struggle with weight loss.

The biggest wake up call regarding my weight problems is one day I get on the scale a few years back and the scale register a whopping 295 pounds I was just 5 pounds shy of 300 lbs. At the point I realized it was not just a weight problem but a health problem and I needed to do something. I immediately went on a diet and exercise program and was able to drop 20 pounds fairly easy once I applied myself and put my mind to making the change to get healthier and I was able to do it and drop my weight to 249.

So what happen why wasn’t I able to continue to lose, well here is my excuse because excuses are the only thing that can stop you. We went on a trip to Las Vegas for ten days and of course ate at the best restaurants, didn’t work out and I probably gained back ten pounds back. I was never able to get back into the routine and the healthier lifestyle that I chose too, I chose the easy way out.

It is easy to get distracted in your everyday life when obstacles will interfere with your workout or healthy eating habits, this is the challenge in weight loss and I have rededicated myself to losing weight again and this time I  will succeed. I started less than two weeks ago and have loss four pounds so far I am currently at 275 and I would like to lose about 50 pounds.

I hope you will be with me on my journey and if you are also looking to  weight feel free to contact me for any support.