Weight Loss Update

Ok it has been three weeks since I have started my weight loss routine and I am happy to report that I have loss seven pounds. My starting weight was 279 now I am down to 272. I was getting a little frustrated because I had been weighing myself everyday and didn’t seem like was getting much results however the past week the weight has come down.

I know some people say it is not good to weight yourself everyday but I have to for some reason and has become a part of my routine. I have been working out with my brother and after we work out we walk over to Publix and weigh in at the scale there. It is good because it is another half mile walk added to my routine and get to see my results.

I also got some great workout tips from my twitter friend who has a fitness blog check it out.

Well I hope I can keep up this pace and I know it will become more difficult and I would like to thank everyone who has commented here with all their support.