What can I do to help with the oil spill?

It is pretty obvious BP is ignorant to the fact what they have done to our Gulf. Relying on BP alone to help this disaster they have caused is pretty useless. But what can we do as individuals to help deal with oil spill caused by BP?

My first inclination was to boycott BP but that is not going to solve the problem and probably cause many small business owners that are not associated with BP to go out of business. What is going on right now is sad but we need to come together as citizens and help make this bad situation and turn it positive.

Here are some resources and websites you can visit to chip and help.


Help rescue birds and wildlife contact the  IBRRC or Save Our Seabirds . Purchase a bottle of Dawn and $1 will go towards the Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue Research Center to help clean off the oil soaked birds.

You can donate to the National Wildlife Federation

Flickr Photos from the EPA

Many local business have been affected by the oil if you have a vacation already planned in a gulf city don’t cancel, help support the local economy that have done nothing to deserve losing business due to BP’s carelessness

Do you have any ideas on what we can do as citizens to help save our Gulf, wildlife, and small businesses.