What is Follow Friday?

If you are new to twitter you will notice every Friday tons of tweets from tweeps recommending other fellow twitter friends with the #hash tag of #FF or #Follow Friday.

Now the concept is great but I don’t think it get’s applied in the right way because most people will not actually go ahead and follow the people who are being recommended.

So what Follow Friday essentially becomes is just a way to say thanks or give props to the people you enjoy communicating with, which is fine but I don’t think is what it’s original intention was.

In theory you would think you would gain a lot more followers on follow friday but I have found that not to be the case even for someone who gets quite a few follow friday recommendations.

Not to say that follow friday is a bad thing or doesn’t work because I am sure there are different results with other people and it is still a popular trend. So I would love to hear what you do when someone you respect on twitter recommends a fellow tweep on follow friday, do you actually follow them?

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