What Your Clothing Color Says About You

Why do we choose the colors we wear?

We probably think it is because we like those shades and that is a part of it. Or we may think we choose them because we feel they are the colors that flatter us the most. For example, a redhead might wear yellow or brown, a blonde might choose blue to match her eyes or pink to flatter her skin tone. But other times, the colors we choose to wear in our clothing are because of another reason altogether.

Influence of Color on Mood
Often times we choose to wear specific colors because of how they make us feel. Colors have a bigger influence over our feelings and emotions that we give them credit for. We feel certain emotions when exposed to each color. Perhaps that is why we choose certain colors for differant occasions, feeling they are best suited for that particular event.

For example, red is known for making you feel energetic and stimulated. Red is well known to be the go to color for romance and passion; therefore a good choice to wear for a date. Orange is another engergizing color, and often seen worn in workout gear. It can also be counted on to lift your spirits, as well as your energy. Yellow makes us feel sunny and happy, as might be expected. Have you ever noticed yourself choosing yellow items to wear when you were feeling down? You craved their sunny lift in spirits. Green is thought to be refreshing, like a spring day. Don’t we often see shades of green around Easter?

The Effect of Softer Colors
Let’s move on to softer colors, the pastels. Blue can be called upon for feelings of peace and serenity and would can be counted on as a solid choice if you are facing a day of difficulty. Pink is a very feminine color. What is the color we often buy for little girls? Pink, of course! Pink can also be associated with romance, and another choice a woman might wear out for a date. Purple is often thought of as a royal color, a color of sophistication, or a color with depth. Think about it, many sororities use purple as their signature color.

Then there are the neutrals. Brown gives you an earthy feel, as if being tied in with nature. Think about how park rangers are often dressed in shades of brown. You may have never noticed that before, but it makes sense, doesn’t it? Black is a classic color and speaks of elegance and seriousness. Black is often our go to color because of the elegance we can count on it to provide. The association with seriousness is why it is the traditional color worn at funerals. White is a color we assosicate with peaceful feelings, and innocence. We often use white for things like baptisms.

More often than not, we have chosen these colors to wear throughout our lives without knowing why but can look back and see thatt yes, we were searching for those feelings that color would evoke. We choose them because they represent something deeper, something we are trying to convey. If you find yourself suddenly in the mood to wear blue, maybe what you are really searching for is calmness and peace.

The trend of having personalised clothing that works with your mood is something that has been around even longer than any of us were probably aware of. With these thoughts in mind however, you will be more aware of the message your clothing colors can send and the fun you can have with color.