Who is going to win Superbowl 2012

Updated 1/12/2012 We down tho the final four who i sit going to be the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, San Fransisco 49ers, or New York Giants? Cast your vote below.

Updated 1/9/2012 I have updated the poll now to only the final eight teams that are left so feel free to submit the team you think will win Super Bowl 46

YES! We are going to have football this year. I couldn’t have imagine going a year without football and very excited for the 2011-2012 NFL season to begin. Many of you know I am a diehard New England Patriots fan so who else would I pick to win this years Superbowl. I would love to see who you guys and gals root for and tell me why you think your team is going to win it all this year.Make sure you cast your vote in the poll below.

Looking for a receiver ...
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeffrey Beall

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