Why Facebook is way cooler than myspace

When i first went to facebook I quickly turned away and said that this site will not be able to compete with myspace. I have since went back and can’t believe the popularity facebook has now and I am fast becoming a fan of facebook. Here is some reason I like facebook better than myspace as a social network.

  • Facebook has a much better design and layout, myspace layouts are just awful in my opinion if you enjoy spending most of your time scrolling and trying to read the letters on top of some awful background designs.
  • Myspace takes way to long to load
  • Facebook Applications kick ass
  • Facebook is like six degrees of separation once you add a few people you know it is easy for others to find you and it keeps going and going.
  • Facebook is more geared to adults and not teenager or kids.
  • Facebook has overtaken myspace in memebrship

Here is a funny myspace intervention video