Why Google Plus Will Fail

Ok that title may be a little overboard, and honestly I am not going to pretend whether I know if Google Plus is going to fail or not. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what Google Plus is going to do to Facebook and how Facebook could be in trouble blah blah blah..  Here are some of the things being said in regards to Google Plus that I believe are myths and my explanations as to why.

Myth #1 Google Plus is going to do to Facebook what Facebook did to Myspace. Ok there is no doubt Myspace was the king for a while until Facebook came around and pushed them out of the picture. But Myspace had a terrible layout and no new creativity when it came to building on their initial success and huge community. Facebook is not and does not rest on their laurels; and they are always looking to improve their product. As a leader in the Industry, Facebook seems to be committed to building on their success.

Myth # 2 Everyone is going to switch to Google Plus – We all get excited when we hear big numbers like Google Plus has one hundred million users within two months Facebook has five million users so on so forth but out of all the million of new Google Plus users how many were social media people, marketing, small businesses, SEO’s etc . There is no doubt Google Plus is going to be or already is factoring in Google’s algorythm but not every person is a small business or has to rank their website. How many people in your circle do not have a reason to join Google plus other than utilizing a different social network? I can tell you based on the numbers from my Facebook page that a very small percentage have joined Google plus and those who have joined Google plus zero percent have switched to Google plus only adding it to their social network repertoire.

Myth # 3 Google Plus is a better product This is Google’s third attempt at social and does their product look strikingly similar to another social network? Yes it basically is a clone of Facebook with hangouts. Certainly Google Plus has tweaked things with their circles to easily categorized friends and is a whole lot less awkward when people ask to be in circles(friends) but I believe Facebook will learn and readjust their layout now they have a little competition breathing down their neck.

I do believe there is room both for Facebook  and Google Plus to coexist and unless Google Plus really comes up with something extraordinarily to build on their platform I don’t foresee Facebook suffering any long-term defection from their loyal users.

So tell me your thoughts. Do you think Google Plus will fail or succeed and why? Oh and just in case Google Plus is a huge success you can plus me here