Why Taking a Vacation to the Ocean is Good for Your Health

Why Taking a Vacation to the Ocean is Good for Your Health

The hustle and bustle of city life can often make us forget what the wonders of nature can do to improve our overall health. When we are surrounded by asphalt, pollution and crowded city streets we are far removed from any type of natural environment. For me, the time to spread my wings and explore the pleasures of nature came in a
rather unlikely way.

After a minor surgery, I decided to head to Cyprus, an island with some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean, to recover. With the sun on my skin and the soft, warm sand under my feet I began to wonder why I had not visited here earlier. I would often stare at the beautiful ocean and its foamy surf and find myself feeling content, healthier and happier.

I later discovered that the ocean has a bit of its own medicinal powers. Moving air, moving water and sunlight cause air molecules to break apart resulting in the release of charged ions into the atmosphere. This creates a great quantity of negatively charged ions in the ocean air. Negatively charged ions have been known to produce beneficial effects on the heart and mind and act as great de-stressors. A vacation by the ocean helps you breathe in plenty of those negative ions which are great for healthy blood circulation.

Surfing and swimming in the ocean can also bring ample health benefits. Not only is this great exercise, but the ocean’s salty waves actually contain lots of ions that come from sodium sulphate and magnesium chloride. The negative ions in these salty waves help in lifting depression by causing the body to release serotonin, a feel good hormone, also released after exercise. Since these negatively charged ions are found in large quantities in natural environments like forests, waterfalls and mountains, people here often find themselves feeling relaxed and cheerful. Just walking along the ocean can also be great exercise, as the sand provides resistance which makes the body work harder thus toning the muscles.

I found the Cyprus to be like a little piece of heaven on earth. With clean and beautiful waters, it has some amazing raw terrain. The island has forest covered mountains and paths that can be explored by adventurous mountain biker’s after an early morning swim. I found the locals to be most welcoming and hospitable, and the local cuisine is delightful. With plenty of restaurants, hotels in Cyprus, villas and camping sites, this island is the ultimate spot for some fun in the sun and relaxation under the stars. With its gorgeous and breath taking scenery, Cyprus really provided me the much needed break fromthe polluted and hectic city life.


Amy Livingston is an avid traveler and a contributing writer for AphroditeHills.com