Work at home blogging

With the state of the economy and unemployment rate more and more people are turning to the internet and blogging to make money. There are several different avenues you can make money through blogging and here are some of the most popular ways.

Writing your own personal blog There have been many successful bloggers that have built an audience just by blogging about their daily personal life. You will find this with the many wonderful stay at home moms that have become successful in the blogging world.

Writing a blog about a specific niche market. What it is you enjoy? If you have a passion about something it makes it a lot easier to be an authority on it and will show up in your blogging. Build a blog by targeting a specific niche market and become the expert in that field.

Writing Guest Blogs OK so you don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up your own wordpress blog but you have great writing skills you want to showcase. Well there are many bloggers that will pay you to write a blog post as well as many affiliate programs that offer a pay per post contract.

Do you know of a great pay per post affiliate or blogger that will pay to post new blog posts? If so we would love to hear your comments.